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Variable Rate Natural Gas Program

Do you like to take advantage of dips in the market? Our Variable Rate program follows the monthly market price for ALL your usage regardless of your historical average. You can choose to lock in at a fixed rate at any time.

Why Choose Variable Rate?

• Moderate risk – you’re riding the market but not exposed to daily market
• The price you pay per therm will change monthly based on 1st of month price (just like a variable rate mortgage)
• First of month price for ALL usage that month regardless of the historical average
• Flexibility- opportunity to lock in any time, can also hedge a portion into a fixed price
• Covers100% of your natural gas usage, with no monthly contractual volume requirements

Consider If You Want:

• Budget flexibility
• Take advantage of dips in the market, such as traditionally lower summer prices
• Greater appetite for risk
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Are You Protected from the Unexpected?

We offer our Guaranteed Full Requirements enrollment, so you are covered for ALL usage, regardless of your historical volumes. This protects you from volatile events like Winter Storm Uri. 

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