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Price Protection Program

Do you want the best of both worlds – managed pricing plus a safety net? Price Protection is a WoodRiver-managed pricing option that helps you take advantage of the market while providing protection from rate spikes, including weather-driven events.  

Why Choose Price Protection?

• Middle ground between a set price (Guaranteed Fixed Price) and playing the market (Variable Rate)
• Managed by our team of experts with extensive industry experience  
• Benefit from buying power of a large pool of customers
• Topside protection against weather-driven rate spikes and lower pricing opportunities during low-demand months  
• Your risk and exposure are managed to eliminate volatility
• No daily, intra-daily, or volume exposure  
• Covers 100% of your natural gas usage, with no monthly contractual volume requirements

Consider If You Want:

• Managed risk – a balance of risk and reward
• Expert and experienced management on your behalf  
• Take advantage of market and usage fluctuations but not be fully exposed
• Stability  

"I’ve relied on WoodRiver Energy for my natural gas for years to help me save money and eliminate risk."

– David P.,
brewery owner

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Are You Protected from the Unexpected?

We offer our Guaranteed Full Requirements enrollment, so you are covered for ALL usage, regardless of your historical volumes. This protects you from volatile events like Winter Storm Uri. 

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