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Wholesale Natural Gas

WoodRiver Energy serves more than 13,000 customers on 30 pipelines and 20 utilities. Our wholesale offerings are customizable based on each customer’s unique position, goals and risk tolerance.

Nominations & Balancing

Our expert team can manage daily nominations and monitor usage on your behalf. We also help to optimize customer-owned pipeline transport by providing a monthly payment for any underutilized pipeline capacity.

Hedging Strategies

We customize our risk management and purchasing strategies for each customer, developing solutions that are based on your unique needs. The implemented strategies are tailor-made to support your natural gas load curve and risk tolerance.

Full Requirements Option

At WoodRiver Energy, we offer Guaranteed Full Requirements enrollment, so you are covered for all of your usage, regardless of your historical usage*. You can lock in your pricing for up to five years.
*WoodRiver’s Guaranteed Full Requirements covers all usage outside of a force majeure.

Asset Management & Optimization

If you hold assets such as pipeline transportation, storage or term supply contracts, our team can help. We will work with you to manage and optimize your unused capacity, getting you the most value for your assets.

Here to help!

Alan Pederson, Director of Wholesale Origination at WoodRiver Energy, has more than 25 years of natural gas experience. Contact Alan today to discuss the products and services that are best for you.

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