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Guaranteed Savings Natural Gas Program

Looking for immediate savings on your natural gas bill? WoodRiver Energy’s Guaranteed Savings program will save you money compared to your local utility’s current price.

Why Choose Guaranteed Savings?

• Your cost of gas will never be more than your local utility’s current price
• You can ride the market - your price will change monthly per the utility’s price
• You can switch to another WRE program at any time without penalty
• Covers 100% of your natural gas usage, with no monthly contractual volume requirements

Consider If You Want:

• Immediate savings
• No long-term commitment
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Are You Protected from the Unexpected?

We offer our Guaranteed Full Requirements enrollment, so you are covered for ALL usage, regardless of your historical volumes. This protects you from volatile events like Winter Storm Uri. 

Take Control of Your Energy Budget Now!

In a matter of a few minutes, our team of experts can help you customize a solution that fits your energy needs and operational goals.  

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