Bull and Bush Brewery
Denver, Colorado, USA

Connectedcontrol Helps Iconic Denver Pub Reduce Operating Costs By $37,000

After an extensive trip through Great Britain in 1971, founders Dean and Dale Peterson realized there was one thing that Denver was missing, an old-fashioned English pub. They put aside their careers and got started on what would be a replica of the Bull and Bush pub on Hamstead Heath, London. Soon thereafter, it became a well-known Denver watering hole where “all are welcome.”

Operations quickly evolved with the opening of the Bull and Bush brewery in 1997. Since the establishment of the brewery, Bull and Bush has won many awards, including: Westword’s Best Beer in a Brewpub, multiple awards at the Great American Beer Festival, and “Man Beer” was given the gold award at the World Beer Cup.

The Challenge

David Peterson has a lot on his hands when it comes to maintaining his father and uncle’s legacy while looking to the future of Bull & Bush for the next generation.  Maintaining the pub and brewery is a huge challenge, from staffing and inventory to maintaining the electrical infrastructure.

Having been built in 1971, much has changed in how a restaurant can be managed to ensure efficiency, operations, and food safety. More specifically, David would have to physically check that the staff wasn’t changing the thermostats too much and check on the food inventory. All meaning that David had to spend more time on-site monitoring his operations.

The Solution

Having been a customer of WoodRiver Energy for their natural gas, Bull & Bush has benefitted from cost savings and budget protection since 2014.  In 2020, the WoodRiver Energy team approached David with the ConnectedControl system to help manage his restaurant and improve efficiency. The team at WoodRiver Energy customized ConnectedControl to fit his budget and operational needs with HVAC monitoring and control and refrigeration/freezer monitoring.

The Result

Improved Efficiency – ConnectedControl reduced electrical consumption by 13 percent, representing a projected savings of $21,300 over the next five years.

Peace of Mind – Remote monitoring with actionable alerts lets David focus on other things instead of managing his electrical equipment.

Streamlined Maintenance – With HVAC performance monitoring and testing, ConnectedControl alerts to potential issues before they become critical.

Turnkey Solution – The WoodRiver team handled all aspects from design, installation, and setup.

Inventory Protection – Prevents inventory loss and ensures the quality of the food with refrigeration and freezer monitoring with actionable alerts.

 Project Details: 

5 Rooftop HVAC Units
2 Refrigeration Units
Annual Energy Spend: $49,900

Project 5-Year
Operational Savings

Total Savings: $37,200

“I’ve relied on WoodRiver Energy for my natural gas for years to help me save money and eliminate risk. Now with the installation of ConnectedControl, I’ve been able to improve my operations and electrical efficiency all without making an upfront capital investment.”

Owner, Bull & Bush Brewery

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