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August 10, 2021 —

Kansas Association of School Boards Partners with WoodRiver Energy for Natural Gas

TOPEKA, KANSAS — The Kansas Association of School Boards is excited to announce its new partner and marketer of the KASB Energy Management Program, formerly the Kansas Joint Utility Management Pool, WoodRiver Energy. KASB’s Energy Management Program is a long-standing member service that has saved school districts across the state of Kansas tens of millions of dollars over the last three decades. With over 170 member districts and organizations, the pool is ready to enter a new and energizing phase of its existence.

WoodRiver Energy, established in 2014, now serves customers in eight states and Canada. The company specializes in offering unique market solutions to commercial, industrial, educational, and agricultural clients and has devoted itself to helping customers understand the incredible complexities of the natural gas market. One of the determining factors in selecting WoodRiver Energy as the new marketer of the KJUMP program was the companies long-standing experience in serving school districts and educational organizations in pools like ours.

It has been a difficult six months in the natural gas landscape and the extreme temperatures of February have disrupted the market in ways rarely seen in the industry. Still, KASB remains confident that the partnership with WoodRiver will ensure that our members continue to experience savings and increased protections from an ever-changing and increasingly volatile market.

WoodRiver Energy will take over as the pool’s marketer on October 1, 2021. “With recent market events like Winter Storm Uri that sent natural gas prices to unprecedented levels, the need to protect budgets from the volatility of the natural gas market is crucial,” said Don Krattenmaker, Vice President of Business Development & COO, WoodRiver Energy. “We’re excited to partner with KASB to provide a natural gas plan that will protect Kansas schools from market volatility today and for years to come.”

The KASB Energy Management Program is taking on new members during the transition period. Any KASB members interested in joining the pool should contact Rod Spangler by emailing

Questions about the KASB Energy Management Program or the new partnership with WoodRiver Energy can be directed to Austin Harris by emailing

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