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Choice natural gas program

February 1, 2022—

Choice: How Does Natural Gas get to my House or Business?

Every day we turn on our stoves, hot water heaters, furnaces, boilers, and gas is there. We know that if we smell rotten eggs, to call emergency services. But how does that gas get to your house or business? How does WoodRiver Energy play a role?

3 Main Players in Natural Gas

1. Oil Companies: Large oil companies drill, refine, and store the natural gas.

2. Pipeline Companies: Ship gas all over the country from the refineries to the public utilities. They use what is often referred to as “interstate pipelines”. Click here for a map of the natural gas pipeline network.

2. Public Utility: Manages gas from the edge of your town to your home. They own and are responsible for maintaining the city pipes and all meters. They are controlled by the public utility commission; and they can make reasonable profit from the distribution and maintenance of the pipelines and meters within your town. They are not permitted to make profit from the purchase and delivery to the town of the natural gas, those costs are passed on directly to you.

How does WoodRiver Energy come into play?

Here’s how it works:
We buy your natural gas directly from the competitive market. We have a lower overhead compared to a utility; therefore, we can afford to be competitive with our pricing, we are able to get better rates on your gas. Your gas is then put through the interstate pipelines to your local public utility.The utility then delivers it to your residence or facility without any disruption over their pipelines and meters.

How do I find my current price offers for the Choice Program?Your timeframe to enroll your natural gas varies by state. Below are the dates for the 2022 enrollment periods.  

Wyoming Annual Enrollment: April 1 – 21
Nebraska Annual Enrollment: April 1 – 21
How do I find my current price offers?
We have made enrolling your natural gas easy with our quick online tool that allows you to compare the cost of each price option and enroll your natural gas in less than five minutes.  If you would like to discuss your options with one of our natural gas experts, call us at (877) 790-4990 and we can walk you through the enrollment process.

What do I need to get to my current pricing offers?
To make the process as quick as possible, please have your Black Hills Energy account number available, which can be found at the top right-hand corner of your bill. To complete your enrollment, please be sure to have the control number you received from Black Hills Energy.
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