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Choice natural gas program

February 1, 2022—

Choice Gas Program: What happens if you don’t make a selection?

The Choice Program through Black Hills Energy gives you the power to select the best price option for your budget from an approved natural gas supplier. However, the key is to be savvy and make sure you do not miss the deadline as it could cost you more!

What is Defaulting?
The rollover selection method, also known as defaulting is when you don’t make a natural gas price option selection through Choice after the completion of your last contract. Your natural gas price option will roll forward with the same provider at their default pricing. 

How can you avoid defaulting?
When your contract is up for renewal, you must make your selection during the enrollment period. It’s important to choose a supplier that offers price options that fit your budget and needs.

When can you research current price offers?
Your timeframe to enroll your natural gas with a supplier varies by state. Below are the dates for the 2022 enrollment periods.

Wyoming Annual Enrollment: April 1 – 21
Nebraska Annual Enrollment: April 1 – 21

How do you find my current price offers?We have made enrolling your natural gas easy with our quick online tool that allows you to compare the cost of each price option and enroll your natural gas in less than five minutes.If you would like to discuss your options with one of our natural gas experts, call us at (877) 790-4990 and we can walk you through the enrollment process. Additionally you can click below to find your price offers from WoodRiver Energy.
What do you need to get to your current pricing offers?
To make the process as quick as possible, please have your Black Hills Energy account number available, which can be found at the top right-hand corner of your bill.
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