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Job Title: Customer Communication Coordinator 
Reports To: Marketing Manager 
FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt
Date: July 29, 2022

Job Summary:
 This position will be primarily responsible for assisting our marketing team with achieving the Company’s organic growth and retention goals. 

Supervisory Responsibilities:
• None.

Essential Duties (not limited to):
• Responsible for developing, writing, executing, and managing customer renewal campaigns that achieve customer retention goals and/or company product mix targets. 
• Write, proofread, edit, and coordinate customer communication campaigns, including a monthly newsletter, specific target group communications, cross-promotional campaigns, and more 
• Track, communicate, and report on customer campaigns to the Marketing Manager 
• Manage customer database/lists used in customer-related marketing campaigns 
• Assist internal teams on creative tasks associated with large group onboarding 
• Assist internal teams with content and/or creative needs on customer-facing communications, forms, templates, etc. 
• Performs other related duties as assigned 

 Required Skills/Abilities (not limited to): 
• Familiarity with Adobe InDesign 
• Excellent communication abilities (written and verbal) 
• Knowledge of email campaign managers (HTML not required) 
• Comfortable working with a CRM 
• Able to facilitate, coordinate and communicate effectively to ensure high quality and timely execution of projects and customer campaigns 
• Ability to work as a team 

Education and/or Experience:
• College degree in business, communications, or marketing or an equivalent combination of education and experience
• 1-2 years of marketing, customer service, or sales experience preferred 
• Excellent interpersonal, presentation, verbal, and written communication skills 
• Able to facilitate, coordinate and communicate effectively to ensure high quality and timely execution of projects and customer requests 
•  Must be computer literate and able to effectively use Microsoft Office as well as email, web, and other applications 

Physical Requirements: 
• Ability to lift and/or carry up to thirty (30) pounds. 
• Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer. 

 Education and/or Experience: 

 • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, or related field 
• 1-2 years of related marketing experience 

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